Such a  Succulent

All About Austin (Garden Roses)

Beautiful Blooms - Garden Rose

Petal Power Coral Peony

Lucy Longhorn

Remi & Reese

Pretty Protea

Light House

Beach Bliss

Such a Succulent

Rosey Reds Ranunculus

Rustic Red

All original images are turned into a paint by numbers kit.  Each kit includes a great  

16" x  20" quality template printed canvas, a 4 brush set, handy little pots of acrylic paint, and a map just in case you need to find a number you missed.  Each of our projects is about 12 hours.

 Paint however you would like.  Enjoy!

16" x 20" Canvas Kits  $42.00

Vertical Top & Bottom Wood Frame $20.00

(as shown above)

Extra Paint Kits $6.00


Frannie Flamingo

Zealous Zinnias

Happy Hydrangea 

                                                         Welcome to Botanica Cincinnati                             Happy You are Here!

Fantastic Fuchsia Peonies

Perfect Petals Peonies